After a trip to Mexico in 1984, I did a series of the colorful walls in San Miguel de Allende. I was then curious to see if and to what extent the Latino love of color translated to the homes of Mexican Americans in East Los Angeles. In the paintings below, the remaining images from that series, it's obvious that color continued to be emphasized there even if the architecture was not.

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*Includes Sites of Conscience




All works are acrylic on paper


Country Light is the title of buildings in Loudoun County, noted for its rolling hills, horses and barns. Here are three that caught my eye.


Barn 1
Barn 2
Barn 3
Barn #1
32x48 inches
Barn #2
48x32 inches
Barn #3
32x48 inches


The former home of General George C. Marshall, located in Leesburg, Virginia, is now a museum and conference center. I did a number of paintings of the interior of the home before it was renovated for its current use. This painting of the General's armchair is one of the remaining images from that series.

Marshall Chair

Marshall House Chair (Private Collection)
32x40 inches



2224 House
Apartment for Rent
50x45 inches
38x50 inches
40x32 inches

Most of the traveling I do is focused on acquiring images for paintings. Opportunities for images can also turn up when I'm traveling for pleasure. The painting below resulted from one such journey.


Discoteca Hollywood (Private Collection)
31.5x80 inches


A trip to Portugal, partly an effort to realize the romance suggested in the Fado songs of that country, also afforded the chance to cross into north western Spain to vist a village bearing my husband's namesake.It turned out to be a charming place, a favorite of Spaniards and other tourists.


Evora #1
28x40 inches

Puebla de Sanabria

Puebla de Sanabria #4 (Private Collection)
40x32 inches

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