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*Includes Sites of Conscience

Umbria Series

Some of these paintings were included in an exhibition entitled, "Sites of Conscience," at the Cosmos club of Washington, DC in January to May, 2013.

All works are acrylic on paper.

Umbria #7

Umbria #7 (Private Collection)
41x26 inches

Door in Shadow

Umbria Street

Umbria #10
Umbria Door in Shadow (Private Collection)
32x40 inches
Umbria Street (Sold)
40x32 inches
Umbria #10 (Sold)
32x40 Inches

Umbria w/Clouds

Umbria Church

Umbria Stop
Umbria With Clouds (Private Collection)
32x40 inches
Umbria Church
40x32 inches
Umbria Stop (sold)
32x40 Inches
Umbria Passage
Umbria #12
Umbria with Flag
Umbria Passage (Private Collection)
40x32 Inches
Umbria #12 (Private Collection)
41x26 Inches
Umbria with Flag (Private Collection)
40x32 Inches

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